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"Pay What You Can" Fall Photos to help support our Minivan Drive to continue to travel in the Winter to feed the homeless and provide food, hygiene essentials & Winter Gear! $30 min to reserve your spot today! 

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$100 Pledge 

​We are more than just FREE Photography! 

We Empower Women to become Artists/Entrepreneurs 

Our Mission is to Feed the Needy, Help the Less Fortunate & Inspire the Strong!

Give with Chandra Photography is a more than just photography! Give with Chandra offers "Pay what you can " photos or even free photography for the community to raise funds to continue to feed the homeless with the "Give with Chandra " Homeless Mobile store! Give with Chandra also believes in supporting newly Artists/Entrepreneurs by providing once a month Free Laptop Giveaways with funds and donations from Photography along with Small Business Grants of $50 that helps with Branding newly Artists! To find out more of please visit our new website for Entrepreneurs and Artist at www.gobemagical.org

Located at 7714 Brooklyn Blvd Suite 200D Brooklyn Park, MN. 55443

612.293.9796 Fax 612.913.4212

Our Recent Work with the Give with Chandra Homeless Mobile Free Store

Homeless Mobile Store💗

Posted by Give with Chandra Photography that pays to feed the Homeless on Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Happy Monday! Out feed our homeless community💗 please keep donating towards the Minivan so we will be able to provide more & travel safely in this Minnesota Winter

Posted by Give with Chandra Mobile Store for the Homeless on Monday, August 31, 2020

Feeding the Homeless Every Morning

Give with Chandra

Sept 23,2020 Homeless Community Downtown Mpls

Keep donating please we need it!

Posted by Give with Chandra Mobile Store for the Homeless on Monday, September 7, 2020

Feeding the Homeless 

Give with Chandra

Meet Our Team!

Where we never allow money to get in the way of our passion & purpose!

Chandra Hawkins

Owner/ Photographer

Chandra Hawkins is the Owner and Photographer of Give with Chandra Photography Inc.

Secretary contact [email protected] 

Jayden Chase Hawkins

Volunteer / Videographer

Jayden Chase is Give with Chandra Photography Video and Camera Man who is also Chandra's Son

Jacob Carter Hawkins

Volunteer/ Equipment Carrier

Jacob Carter is Give with Chandra Photography Equipment Carrier who is also Chandra's Son

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Give with Chandra provides free women entrepreneur kits with office supplies as a gift to inspire women who are in the process of starting their own business!  These are available for pickup Every Thursday from 10 am-2 pm Call to schedule for pickup!

Sponsor a Free Entrepreneur Kit for Women $15

Hi I"m Chandra

I am a powerful Creator who will change the world by providing free photography for families. Free laptop giveaways to help empower young, old, beautiful, and bold women to get one step closer to their visions & dreams! I believe in making your dreams become your reality! Give with Chandra will be launching a new program  called "Go Be Magical" where we will continue to give free laptops and small $50 Business Grants for branding new Artists /Entrepreneur's to become successful in their journeys of entrepreneurship!    But that's not it! Give with Chandra also provides essentials and food for the homeless on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday Mornings that will eventually become daily once the Give with Chandra Homeless Mobile Free Store is purchased! If you want to help with any of these powerful causes please donate today! We need your help! You can donate directly from here or you can donate on GiveMn.org to any one of our causes! Just search Give with Chandra Photography Inc. Thank you for your kindness! 

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Random Acts of KIndness



Monthly Projects to sponsor!

Help sponsor a Free Laptop giveaway for a

mom who just needs the correct tools to get

her one step closer to her dreams!

Random Acts of Kindness Giveaways!

Give with Chandra Provides $25 gift cards to

random strangers as an act of kindness!

Sponsor a maternity shoot by ordering a

maternity dress off Give with Chandra

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Ways to Donate!

You can mail in a check to:

Give with Chandra Photography at 7714

Brooklyn Blvd Ste. 200D Brooklyn Center,

MN.55443 Please make check payable to

Give with Chandra Photography Inc

Or you can donate via Paypal or Cashapp that's listed below!


Venmo @chandra-hawkins-5


Photography at no Cost!



Give with Chandra Photography does not charge for photography nor sell photos of their subjects. Give with Chandra does share photos of their subjects on Giving with Chandra Photography website and our Social Media pages for testimonial purposes. Give with Chandra only shares photos of some subjects to connect, and reach more people to continue to provide free photography for those who are in need or simply as an act of kindness. Thank you for your cooperation.

Ways to Give!

All Donations are Tax-Deductible


Register for Text2Give

Homeless Mobile Store

Go Be Magical Fund

Give with Chandra Photography Inc is not just about photography! Give with Chandra supports Mothers, Business Women& Women in general. Give with Chandra donates Entrepreneurs Starter Kits that consist of Daily Planners, Calendars, Sticky Notes, Binders, Journals, and office supplies to inspire women to stay on their path towards Enprenuerership! Give with Chandra also has a monthly giveaway for Mothers who want to further their education or start their own business by supplying them with a FREE LAPTOP & Accessories. Give with Chandra is all about giving rather its free photography or tools to better our community in such an impactful way! Your donations matter! They contribute to the "Give with Chandra Fund" which helps provide free photography, wardrobe, laptops, birthday gift cards giveaways & more! Please continue to give! 

Our Current Needs are:

Give with Chandra Homeless Mobile Free Store! Help us raise enough funds to purchase a minivan to continue to deliver food and essentials to the homeless throughout the twin cites daily! Currently, we are using the trunk of our car and we run out of space & items before we finish our first round. We are looking to fill our new minivan up daily and use it as a mobile store for the homeless to get all the items they need rather food or essentials for free 3 times a day! 

Thank you so much for your generosity! If you are mailing in a check. You can make your check payable to Give with Chandra Photography Inc. All checks are mailed to Give with Chandra Photography at 7714 Brooklyn Blvd Ste 200D Brooklyn Center, Mn. 55443

Acts 20:35

“I have shewed you all things, how that so labouring ye ought to support the weak, and to remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he said, It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

King James Version (KJV)